Muay Thai

Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm

kids kick boxing (muay thai) is a great way for kids to get in shape and learn self defense.jpeg

Our Kids  Muay Thai program is one of our fastest growing classes at  Siege MMA! This class is perfect for kids of all sizes and experience levels. We offer kids competitive kickboxing ranging from ages 7-16. 

Muay Thai combines boxing with kicks, along with elbows and knees (at an older age) to create one of the best striking arts for self defense and fitness. Our instructors carefully watch every student as he/she progresses with their skills. And, although kids are not required to "spar" or compete, if they do decide they'd like to try a competition out, we offer competitive training as well. 

If your child is looking to compete or gain confidence in self defense then you've checked out the right website!