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siege mma instructors


World champion mma coach santino defranco teaches at siege mma.JPG

HEAD MMA INSTRUCTOR. ALSO COACHES NOGI bjj, AND MUAY THAI:Santino has trained a number of professional fighters including UFC champion, Henry Cejudo, Tracy Cortez, Kamuela Kirk, Luke Sanders, Jordan Johnson, and many more. Santino brings his knowledge of MMA to Siege's no gi and Muay Thai classes. 

Santino is a 2nd degree black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and was a former professional fighter (MMA and Kickboxing) prior to his coaching career. He also taught college English for a few years, and has been with Siege since 2013. 


Jesus Artesi

Head BJJ coach, Jesus Artesi, is a second degree black belt.jpeg

brazilian jiu jitsu instructor: Jesus Artesi is a 2nd degree black belt in BJJ under Giva Santana. He began training in 2003, and joined Siege MMA in 2008. As a black belt, Jesus has medaled in over 30 tournaments.
Jesus is the head professor in the evening BJJ classes at 6:30pm. 
Jesus is a full time service member in the U.S. Air Force.  


Kamuela Kirk

Pro MMA fighter, Kamuela Kirk, and BJJ black belt runs our kids programs at Siege MMA in Phoenix's west valleyjpeg

brazilian jiu jitsu instructor: Kamuela Kirk began training under Giva Santana when he was four years old. Since then, he has won IBJJF gi and no gi world championships, and is now a BJJ black belt under Professor Giva. 

As former head coach of the kids program at Siege MMA, Kamuela and the kids team brought home a 1st place team trophy at the 2018 World Championships. Now, Kamuela focuses on his UFC career, and coaches the adult BJJ.


Niko Laranaga

Niko Larranaga.jpg

Muay Thai Instructor: Niko was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. He started his martial arts journey with wrestling in high school at the age of 14, and finished his career, in college, at the age of 20. After taking a couple years off, Niko was introduced to no-gi BJJ, and fell in love, and began to compete! He was later introduced to Muay Thai, and travelled to Thailand to learn more from the source. Niko has been training and teaching Muay Thai since 2015. Niko coaches the Wednesday night and Saturday morning Muay Thai classes. Come take a class, and get a signature Niko hug! 


Adrien Grotte

Adrien Grotte is one of Arizona's most decorated Muay Thai Kickboxing competitors and teaches at Siege mma in peoria, AZ..jpeg

HEAD Muay Thai instructor: Adrien Grotte began training kick boxing in 1988, as a sixth grader. As a senior in high school, Adrien won the AZ State Kickboxing title. In 2010, Adrien won the Thai Boxing Association World Title. The same year he fought and defeated Yi Long--the most famous fighter out of China--and won by 2nd round KO. At the time, Yi Long was 17-0, and Adrien was 12-0. Adrien also has a victory over acclaimed fighter, Zach Bunnel, in the Lion Fight Promotion. Upon retiring from Muay Thai competition, Adrien amassed a 15-1 (11 kos) record, and a 1-0 record in MMA. 

Adrien teaches Muay Thai during the evenings at Siege MMA!


shea Kirk

Shea Kirk.jpg

KIDS brazilian jiu jitsu instructor: Shea Kirk began training in BJJ in 2013 and quickly excelled at the grappling art. He eventually won a world championship and is currently a purple belt in BJJ under Professor Giva Santana. 

Shea is the head coach of the Kid's BJJ program!


Kurt taneal


muay thai instructor: 
Kurt teaches the noon kickboxing class daily, and Boxing on Mondays/Wednesdays at 11AM.


Ben Thai

Benjamin Thai.jpg

Boxing Coach: Ben is a well experienced, young trainer here at Siege MMA. He has cornered and trained other amateur boxers, and is also an amateur boxer himself, competing in local smoker fights and tournaments the past 5 years. He also practices Muay Thai, and won his first fight at the USMTO, with only 6 months of training experience! Ben also challenges himself in BJJ, competing regularly. 

In the past, Ben has trained at risk youth and teens in Phoenix, to learn self defense and to keep them off the streets. 

Ben coaches our kids boxing and Monday/Wednesday/Friday adult boxing at 11AM.


Patrick Johns

Pat Johns.jpg

Assistant Kids Instructor: Pat has been helping build the kids and peewee Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team for years. Pat is a purple belt under Giva Santana. 



Siege MMA Peoria Arizona bjj.jpg

Brazilian jiu jitsu instructor: Noah Briggs began his BJJ journey at Siege MMA in 2009, and received his brown belt in 2016. Noah has helped teach law enforcement in "ground survival" tactics, and has been a law enforcement professional, himself, for over 13 years!

Noah teaches the 10AM No-Gi classes!

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